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CBD for Pets

In recent years, CBD for pets has been growing in popularity as pet owners are now opting for holistic alternatives. Whether pet owners are trying to combat age-related ailments or simply calming your pet’s nerves during a thunderstorm or car ride, pets of all ages, and in all conditions of health, can potentially benefit from CBD.

District Hemp CBD for Pets

CBD has been shown to benefit animals in a variety of different ways such as improving mental state, soothing skin irritation and/or inflammation, helping with digestion, and even reducing seizures. But is CBD for pets just a pet wellness trend or is there actually merit behind these claims? Let’s find out.

All Animals Have an Endocannabinoid System

Since humans are part of the animal kingdom (no, we’re not special…), it would only make sense that all animals should have an endocannabinoid system, right? Yes, that’s 100% right! Whether you’re a human, cat, dog, bird, horse, etc., you will have an endocannabinoid system to maintain bodily homeostasis. However, the way phytocannabinoids, such as CBD and THC, interact with each animal species will vary.

Don’t Give Fido Any THC, Seriously

Yes, your pet can and will get high off THC, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for him or her. Stop blowing smoke in your dog/cat’s ears, face, eyes, or whatever you heard in high school. Seriously, don’t try any of these because A) it’s possibly toxic, B) it’s not nice, right, or humane, and C) there’s a much better alternative. When it comes to nurturing the endocannabinoid system of your loyal companion, hemp-based CBD, is truly what your pet might need.

CBD for Pets

When deciding on what CBD products will be best for your pet, always, always, always opt for pet-friendly, THC-free, third-party tested products from reputable brands. Most brands will offer a variety of different products such as CBD treats and oil. Figuring out which product would be best depends is entirely up to you and your pet. We have found that most dogs love CBD treats, but again, it’s completely up to you. Another thing you might want to consider is the bioavailability of the product.

Bioavailability of CBD

As we briefly discussed in a previous post, different CBD products will differ in regards to bioavailability, which is simply the rate at which a substance is absorbed by the body. For humans who are looking for immediate relief, we often turn to smoking or vaping. Since our pets shouldn’t be smoking (imagine how ridiculous that would look), the best method for rapid relief from symptoms would be from CBD oil aka sublingual administration via CBD tincture. Yes, our pets have a sublingual gland, too! Now, some pets might not like you sticking that tincture in their mouth so instead, you can put it on their food or water, or simply give them a CBD treat.

How Do I Dose CBD for My Pet?

As always, we recommend starting low and moving slow. While CBD is safe for animal consumption, you’re not going to know how your pet might react to it, which is why you shouldn’t over-do it. Follow any instructions printed on the packaging and/or product itself. Above all, always speak with your vet before supplementing and/or substituting any treatment plan(s). While most vets cannot technically recommend the use of CBD products, they can tell you whether or not it is safe for your pet.

Want to Know More About CBD for Pets?

Many of our team members currently use CBD products for their pets and have had fantastic results. If you’d like to learn more or hear about their personal experiences, just ask! There’s a reason for our “Natural. Knowledgeable. Compassionate” tagline — we love being of help to you and your furry (or scaly… or feathered…) family members! Should you have any questions or concerns, we’re here to assist! Contact us at (571) 799-9914 or via email at As always, we’re looking forward to serving you!