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CBD + Liver Damage

By this point, we’re sure that you have seen that Forbes article talking about CBD + liver damage. Now, Forbes did come back with another piece to address some of the obscurity within the original article. However, there are definitely some points we would like to touch on. In fact, we made a social post giving you a little “preview” of what was to come in regards to this topic.

CBD + Liver Damage

Our post was welcomed with mixed-reviews and valuable information. First and foremost, we want to say THANK YOU to all who included their input. Like we said before, it is so refreshing to see people as passionate about the CBD + liver damage topic as we are. Super awesome! Anyways, here are those couple points...


In one of the studies (and possibly the only one) that the Forbes article references, the scientific team was used Epidiolex, which is a cannabidiol solution recently approved by the FDA. Keep in mind, Epidiolex is not purely cannabidiol and a lipid-based solution. Epidiolex contains a number of other ingredients such as dehydrated alcohol, sesame seed oil, strawberry flavor, and sucralose. Hm... Isn’t sucralose that artificial sweetener that has been proven to raise health concern? In fact, sucralose is known to cause potential hepatic (liver) damage.


Last year, a group of researchers began to study the effect of sucralose on rats. The objective of the study (Dhurandhar D, et al.) was to better understand and “[evaluate] the histopathological changes in the liver after administration of sub lethal dose of pure sucralose.” There was a control group where the rats were just given water and experimental group where rats were administered sucralose orally each day for 30 days. In conclusion, after essentially force-feeding poison to these test subjects, it was found that “sucralose should be taken with caution to avoid hepatic damage.” So, who’s to say that it’s CBD causing liver damage? Sounds to us like it has a lot to do with sucralose in Epidiolex.

CBD Does Not Cause Liver Damage — If Used Properly

In fact, a study (Sekar, et al.) just recently concluded that liver damage was not an adverse effect of CBD. In fact, “liver enzyme levels either resolved spontaneously after Epidiolex dose was decreased/stopped or the dose of another anti-seizure medication was decreased.” The only constant factor for elevated liver enzymes is SUCRALOSE.

Use As Directed

We are 100% aware that CBD (like everything else) might not be 100% safe in certain circumstances — say, taking too much or using the product improperly. It might not be the best idea to eat your muscle cream because you ran out of your tincture. Why? Because that is not the intended use of the muscle cream. Not everything is as versatile as our tinctures 😉. Anyways, by doing something not recommended, the repercussions of that shouldn’t fall back on what’s contained in the product (unless there is a recall, of course). But we are completely getting off-topic here.

Think about it like this: What out there, in this immaculate and crazy world, is there NOT something that can be potentially harmful. Seriously, think about it. Even something as “harmless” as water can cause some pretty serious damage. Either by say, drowning? Or, what about ingesting too much water? Water can (and will) kill you — if you are not responsible. That’s the point that we feel is pertinent to get across to those individuals who have started to question their CBD regimen because of an overzealous and “jump to conclusions” type of article – like that Forbes one.

We Just Want to See You Healthy and Happy

Here at District Hemp, we are 100% dedicated to your well-being. We promise to always go the extra mile to ensure that your health and happiness are being prioritized by our brand and team. As we can see here today, not everything you read on the internet is true. That is why we find it important that you stay informed and educated on topics such as these. Give us a LIKE on Facebook or FOLLOW US on Instagram to stay up-to-date on all the happenings in the hemp industry.