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Questions to Ask Your Doctor About CBD


At District Hemp Botanicals our CBD consultants are highly educated about the benefits and potential side effects of incorporating cannabis into your wellness routine. However, we are not medical professionals so we recommend that you speak with your doctor or pharmacist before adding CBD to your routine. Here are some important questions to ask your medical professional:

  • Is CBD helpful for my specific condition(s)?
        • While CBD may be beneficial for a wide range of conditions, your doctor can provide the best regime for your particular ailment. 
  • Will cannabidiol (CBD) interfere with any other medications I am taking?
        • Since CBD interacts with our P450 enzymes, CBD can impact the way your body processes and absorbs other medications, similar to grapefruit. This question is vital in determining if CBD is right for you.
        • When doing interaction checks, doctors/pharmacists should search for the full scientific name of “cannabidiol” and not the abbreviation “CBD.” Some interaction checkers may not flag interactions if CBD is used.
  • What dose of CBD should I start with?
        • Everyone’s ideal CBD dose is different, so it’s important to ask your doctor what their recommendation is based on your conditions and other medications.
  • What negative side effects can occur with CBD?
        • CBD’s most common side effects are drowsiness and low blood pressure, but depending on your specific conditions and medications, your risk of side effects may be different.
  • Can CBD products cause allergic reactions?
      • In very rare circumstances, CBD or other ingredients in products can cause allergic reactions. Once you have a product in mind, you can check with your doctors to see if there is a risk of an allergic reaction.

    To learn more about CBD, please visit our CBD Studies Database for medical and scientific studies. 

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