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Social CBD Infused Patch 60 mg at District Hemp
Certificate of AnalysisSocial CBD Infused Patch 60 mg

Social CBD 60mg Patches

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Get the targeted relief your body craves. Our CBD infused patches are easy to apply and slowly release pure CBD hemp extract over 24 hours — giving you the steady support you need, day and night.

  • Constant, consistent care
  • 60mg of pure CBD per patch
  • Available in a single pack or a pack of three
  • Permeates all layers of the skin to steadily release CBD into the bloodstream over 24 hours
  • Cut the patch in two to lower the dose over 24 hours
  • Sweat and water-resistant
  • 60mg Patch size is 3.25" x 2.5"

Directions: Clean the area you wish to adhere the patch to. Peel the clear plastic from the patch. Apply the patch to the cleaned and dried area. Apply pressure to the patch for 30 seconds, pressing firmly against the skin. For best results, replace after 24 hours. The activation time is 60 minutes.

Ingredients: Polymer Blend and CBD Hemp Extract.