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ARC Hemp Oral Wholesome Pet Care

ARC Hemp Oral Wholesome

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ARC Hemp Oral Wholesome Wellness is a USDA certified organic and vegan-friendly product. Each dropper is 15mL and is made of Ultra-Violet Glass, which prevents oxidization and degradation of the ingredients. Cannabidiol is heat and light-sensitive. Ultra-Violet glass containers will always ensure your purchase stays fresh from the time of your purchase to the last drop. Directions: ARC Hemp recommends to start with one full dropper per day and increase your intake as needed. Everyone is different and needs a variety of different vitamins as well as nutrients. This same principle we recommend to be applied for our CBD Wholesome Wellness Oral dropper. 

Directions: ARC Hemp recommends each dose of wholesome Pet Care to be determined by the weight of the animal. For every 20 pounds your animals weigh, a quarter of a dropper should be administered to your cats or dog food. 

Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Premium CBD Extract